Ward Off Left begins the series know as Grasp Sparrow’s Tail – a collective name for: Ward Off Left, Ward Off Right, Roll Back, Press and Push. Continuing from the end of Beginning,

1-Relax the left hip joint and fully sit into the left leg

2-Turn waist right, turning toe to face side wall and forming a ball with hands – right hand on top – at same time

3-Pour weight forward into right leg, carrying ball, until left heel pulls away from ground

4-Beginning to turn waist slightly left, step left foot (weightlessly) exactly forward toward front wall a small amount, hands begin to split

5-Continue to turn waist leftward, shift weight, left hand rises (palm faces body and chest high at finish), right hand presses down and finishes palm facing down and back by right thigh. Turn back toe with the second half of the waist turn by pivoting on the heel.

You finish with 60-70% weight in left (front) leg, facing same direction you began. This stance is known as a left bow stance and is the basis of a rooted stance. Tailbone feels weighed, heavy and melting downward, spine is straight, head is being pulled gently skyward, shoulders are relaxed, feet are flat on the floor, hips are both in line with front wall.

In your practice, stand and hold this posture for a while to increase root, leg strength and flexibility.