Ward Off Right continues Grasp Sparrow’s Tail and begins by

1- Relax the right hip joint and push all weight forward on to the left leg, peeling up the right heel

2-Turn waist right, forming a slanted ball with the hands – left hand on top – pivoting on the ball of the right foot

3-Step right heel slightly to the right of it’s former position

4-Pour the weight slowly into the right foot. Right arm rises (to chest high at finish, palm facing chest), left arm follows the waist turn and settles facing the right palm. Palms look like they are holding a small ball (the cabbage! 🙂 in front of the chest. Turn back toe with the second half of the waist turn by pivoting on the heel.

This will practice your first right bow stance of the form. Hold this posture for some time to practice rooting and alignment. Remember to not allow elbows to stick out – relax! Knee does not go beyond the toe on any stance. Remember to maintain fair lady’s wrist—the ball is not literally round.