Peaceable Dragon’s Tai Chi Swords from Paras Kaul on Vimeo.

Fairfax County, Northern Virginia Tai Chi Sword 2011

To celebrate World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, the instructors and students of Peaceable Dragon partners with Meadowlark Botanical Gardens to present demonstrations of various forms of Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga for enthusiastic attendants and participants. We have a healing garden – experience modalities such as Reiki, Singing Bowls, Feldenkrais, Massage, Brainwave technology and much more – free mini-classes taught by some of Northern Virginia’s leading instructors from a variety of schools and a pot-luck gathering afterward. World Tai Chi and Qigong Day is celebrated on the last Saturday in April, annually, in over 60 nations and is recognized by the United Nations World Health Organization.

In this video, Brian Wallich – instructor of Peaceable Dragon’s Tai Chi Swords – and his students demonstrate a competition sword form consisting of 42 movements.

A brainwave music track, “The Brain on Om,” was created by Paras Kaul, who created this brainwave music composition to accompany the sword form on this video which she also produced. Kaul speculates that during Tai Chi practices, where participants are moving in harmony with each other, their brainwaves entrain and eventually signal in predominantly alpha and beta frequencies.