The third part of Grasp Sparrow’s Tail is Rollback. Here the importance of the waist in Taiji practice is emphasized.

1. Shifting very little extra weight onto the right foot, turn the waist slightly to the right. The right forearm and both hands extend slightly right as though indicating “over there” with palms turned in to face each other.

2. Pouring weight to left leg and turning waist to the left toward the diagonal, right arm curves to hold a ball against your chest, fingers tipping slightly upward while left arm arcs first downward in the direction of the waist turn, then floats up to shoulder height palm face down. Belly button should almost fully face the diagonal here.

3. Flip left hand to face upward, fold elbow, “pierce the ear” all the while finishing your weight shift and waist turn to the diagonal. As left hand reaches ear, lower right finger tips back down so palm is at heart center and arm is rounded (similar to ward off).

Careful not to turn beyond the diagonal. Finish facing the diagonal.