An excellent posture for chi circulation. It is popular to get into the final expression of this movement and hold for some time to circulate the chi and strengthen the body.

1. Pour most of the weight onto the left leg while backing away from you own hands, thereby extending the arms straight. Turning the the waist turn to the left, the right foot turns inward to face front wall. Arms turn with the waist toward the front wall.

2. Pour weight into the right leg while turning the waist to the right at same time. The arms follow the movement, the right hand forming a hook near the right armpit. The left hand also follows the motion circling out and down then coming to rest near the right hip with palm up facing the hook. (“Bird Drinks”) All weight is in right leg here.

3. Turning waist to the left, pivot on the ball of the left foot by turning the heel inward sending the hook (right wrist) out to the right diagonal. Step to the left to shoulder width. You will feel like you are stepping back toward back wall with heel. Do not place weight into left foot yet.

4. Shift weight to the left, the left hand maintaining distance from the chest, rises up the centerline (ren mai) with the palm facing the heart center (shanzhong).

5. Right toes turn to the diagonal while the left forearm gradually turns over, the hand directly in front of the left shoulder. Wrist is not bent and fingers are pointed slightly upward and forward. Right wrist extends toward front wall with elbow relaxed and hook pointed downward.