This begins a series of movements that will keep weight on a single leg in the final expression of the movements. Get ready to feel those thigh muscles!

1. Leading with the hips (waist), pour weight into the left leg — moving first toward side wall, then the waist turns slowly to the right the entire movement. Keep your tailbone tucked under!

2. You will pivot on the right toe as the right hand opens and arms “hug the corner”.

3. The left hand moves toward the center line as the right hand does same at a slower pace than the left while continuing to turn the waist rightward. The right foot coordinates timing with the right hand and moves toward your center line also. The shorter your stance, the less you will move the right inward.

4. As you settle into the final expression, both palms face toward each other (inward) but with the left palm in line with the right forearm. Feel like both palms press against an unseeable force. Relax the shoulders and elbows! Right heel touches down toward front wall — no weight — just to the outside line of the left heel. Everything finishes same time. Keep your tailbone melting toward the floor and stay seated down into your left foot.