In Chinese mythology, the White Crane is a symbol of longevity and patience. It can stand on one leg in complete stillness, waiting almost an eternity for the perfect moment to quickly strike. The fighting abilities of the white crane is said to have inspired the founder of tai chi.

1. Pouring weight fully into right foot, torque waist slightly to the right (coil). At same time, right hand rises — palm facing body — as left hand presses down and left heel peels off the floor.

2. With all weight on right, begin to tun waist to face side wall continue to allow right hand to float upwards (starting to turn palm upward) and start to sweep left around abdomen while starting to move left foot toward side wall.

3. Finish by completing waist turn (uncoil) to side wall, finish turning palm upward and floating hand just above your head (block the sun), let left hand descend next to thigh and turn slightly outward, place toe down forward toward side wall just to the outside of the right heel and settle sightly… yes, all same time!