1. Glide the weight back onto the right foot while arms become horizontal – palms down.

2. Turn your waist to the right while pivoting on the left heel so that toe faces the front wall. At the same time, the arms arc
upwards in unison so that the elbows are at about shoulder level and palms face forward at eye level in front of the body.

3. Pour the weight into the left foot as the arms descend in an arc. Feel like you are tracing a large ball.

4. Bring the right foot back to shoulder width (do not put weight into the right foot if moving forward into the 2nd third!) as the arms come together at the bottom of the arc — crossing right wrist in front of left — and lift to cross high on the chest with palms facing the torso.

If you are only practicing the first third, you may end here by moving the weight to 50/50, settling and closing.