This movement is also known as Play “Pipa”

1. Pushing the hips forward, glide weight forward onto left foot allowing right foot to follow through by lifting off the floor and traveling inward, place it back down at one half shoulder width.

2. Turn waist right allowing both palms to turn to face front wall (imagine you are grasping someone’s wrist with your right hand), allowing the arms to be moved with the waist turn.

3. Turn waist back to face side wall and allow left arm to drift upward — palm somewhat upward, and right arm to push downward (right elbow first begins to move backward and downward) — palm somewhat downward as the weight glides fully into the right foot.

4. Finish by fully sitting in the right foot and the left foot moves about an inch to the right, toe-up with the left heel just to the left of the right heel. Left hand is higher than the right. Right hand is at the height of your left elbow. Imagine that you are holding your opponent’s right arm at the wrist and