Get ready, this is a long one!

1. Begin to shift the weight onto the right leg while lifting the left toe.

2. Turn waist and toe to the left diagonal. At same time, the left palm begins rotating inward while the right arm drifts downward.

3. Push hips forward to the diagonal in direction of left toes. As weight shifts onto the left foot, the right heel lifts leaving the right foot weightless. The right arm continues to drift downward making a soft fist as the left palm continues its rotation to face the fist at shoulder width. Nose-navel alignment now facing the left diagonal.

4. The waist continues to turn slightly to the left causing the right foot to step heel first to the right diagonal. At the same time that waist turn sends the arms to circle upward and to the left.

5. Waist now turns right gradually circling the arms (rotation around elbows). Right fist slowly turning over to land palm facing up with waist turn to right diagonal and weight moving fully into right foot. Meanwhile, left hand slowly angles inward to finally settle in the center of chest (Think of the blade of your left hand standing like a cleaver protecting your sternum). Hands are once again shoulder width. Remember to slowly turn out the right toe to the diagonal as you pour weight into the right foot.

6. Continuing the waist turn to the right, the right hand relaxes to the right of the thigh as the left foot steps weightlessly forward, heel first.

7. Turn waist back to side wall, drawing up the fist by allowing waist turn to pull the elbow up and back, and turn palm to face thigh chambering the fist at the hip.

8. With final turn of waist and shift of weight to 70% into forward left foot, allow the fist to push forward into a punch — raising slightly to end with right forearm approximately facing left palm. Left hand has remained in its relative position in cleaver-like form in front of the sternum. You are once again in a forward bow stance facing side wall.