Did you know that many golfers have found Tai Chi to be a game-changer for them? Improving the coordination of the arms, the waist and the legs during movement, relaxing muscles and improving balance – these are the main reasons for the synergy between Tai Chi and golf.

A study published by the journal “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” as far back as 2004 shows that experienced Tai Chi practitioners and experienced golfers both have much better joint proprioceptive acuity and dynamic standing balance control than those who do not practice either of these two activities.

Building on the synergy between golf and Tai Chi, some programs have emerged that focus on integrating Tai Chi movements into golf practice. The most prominent one among them is probably chi-power GOLF, which is used by the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA).

Fundamental Principles of Tai Chi

The key influence that Tai Chi can offer your golf game can be found in 4 of the basic principles of Tai Chi.

  1. Hollow your chest by breathing out and slightly sinking your sternum
  2. Neutralize the pelvis and relax the lower back muscles, allowing tailbone to point downwards
  3. Slightly creasing the tops of the legs where they join your torso, relaxing into your knees like you are sitting down into the tops of your quad muscles
  4. Fill up your footprints, by becoming aware of your feet in full contact with the ground and not leaning back into your heels

Applying Tai Chi Principles to your Golf Game

The influence of these principles can be most easily recognized in 3 phases: at address, the top of your back-swing and finish. Besides being fantastic for your health, a Tai Chi practice could well make your golf game healthier too!