Woman Practicing Tai ChiThe word is spreading about the benefits of Tai Chi for Senior health, and more and more research is becoming available regarding the subject. I was recently consulted for an article about Tai Chi and fall-prevention by the staff at Comfort Home Care, a family-owned business in Montgomery County, Maryland that provides nursing assistance in their clients’ homes and independent or assisted living facilities. Please read the full article Here. In the article they have sited numerous sources including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

Unfortunately, falls among seniors are common, but steps can be taken to prevent them and reduce their likelihood. Learning and practicing Tai Chi is a recognized prevention activity. Many of my students tell me that they can feel the difference in their stability and balance as early as the third class.

Recently I received a very touching message—for which I am most grateful—from one of my new students. Michael writes:

“I hope that in your dark times you realize the positive effect you are having on so many people. As you watch us in class, with our spasm like moves and uncoordinated flailing of limbs, know that you are making a difference. I already feel better because of Tai Chi and I cannot imagine how much better I will feel in the weeks, months and years ahead as I get more flexible, coordinated, relaxed and aware of my body.”

Thank you Michael for your kind words and sharing your experience.