Kris Brinker with Cora Foley - founding inpiration behind BWSSCWoW
at World Tai Chi and Qigong Day 2012

Aging seniors and, over 55 communities in the Northern VA area should strongly consider recommending that their residents find Tai Chi classes! There are many of these communities in Prince William, Loundoun, and Fairfax Counties alone.

Various studies have proven that Tai Chi is very effective in aiding fall prevention for seniors. Tai Chi is effective for both fall prevention and improving psychological health and is associated with general health benefits for older people.

Keep moving, keep living life to it’s fullest! Exercise is essential for any older person. Tai Chi is perfect as there is no equipment needed, the movements are slow, gentle and low impact and give the practitioner time to become aware of their own bodies and work at their own level of mobility.

The elderly are being told to “take up tai chi to prevent falls”, The Daily Telegraph has reported. It added that updated guidelines for preventing falls in the elderly recommend Tai Chi as one example of an exercise for “balance, gait and strength training”. more

It is most recommended that any practitioner work with an experienced instructor to get guidance, suggested adaptations due to physical limitations, and feedback on the correctness of the movements. Many books and videos are available for additional study at home.

I am proud to be a part of The Burke/West Springfield District Senior Center Without Walls – an amazing program affiliated with Fairfax County that offers Tai Chi, among other classes to active seniors. Find out more.