When most people think about Tai Chi, they are not usually associating the practice with calorie burn. You may not realize just how many calories those slow, graceful movements will shed. It has been calculated that a 125-pound person burns approximately 240 calories in a one-hour session, while a 155-pound person burns approximately 300 and a 185-pound person burns roughly 356. With those numbers, that Tai Chi session is about the equivalent, in terms of calorie burning, as an hour-long walk done at 3.5 mph.

Above and Beyond Ordinary Exercise

While Tai Chi may not quite compare to the calorie-burn of a vigorous jog, or strenuous cycle, this ancient martial art improves your flexibility, coordination, endurance, stamina and strength in a way no other activity can. Plus, studies have shown that there is nothing better for conditioning the body for fall-prevention.

Tai Chi is Flexible

Not only does Tai Chi aid your flexibility, the practice itself is flexible. You can burn more or less calories just by changing the way you practice. Sink a little deeper, move a little slower, practice a little longer for more calorie-burn. Feeling too tired? Take it a bit easy. You may just find that after several minutes, you suddenly have more energy than when you started and you practice longer than you thought you would.