You might be surprised to learn that online Tai Chi classes can be just as relaxing and beneficial as live, in-person courses.

The physical, mental and emotional benefits of Tai Chi are well established. However, with concerns lingering about in-person gatherings, especially those involving working out and other physical activities, an online course offers a safe alternative with all the benefits of going to class.

The secret is finding the best Tai Chi classes online to get those benefits you seek.

Can Online Tai Chi Provide the Same Benefits as Live Courses?

The ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi is one of the best forms of movement you can pursue for physical and psychological well-being. No matter what your age or level of fitness might be, this practice helps improve and maintain strength, balance and flexibility. At the same time, this practice helps calm the mind as well as relax the body.

Because Tai Chi requires very little space or special equipment to practice, it’s perfect for performing almost anywhere. You don’t have to have any experience, and in almost every case, you can safely perform the movements at home, with or without slight modifications.

Live Online Tai Chi Classes vs. Streaming or On-Demand

Some options that you find online consist of “staged”, recorded Tai Chi lessons. Although these courses can provide some benefits, they generally are not preferable to seeing an actual instructor deliver a class to a group of students.

For those online Tai Chi lessons that fall under the second category, you have the option of choosing live streaming online Tai Chi courses or on-demand delivery of previously recorded classes. You may prefer the authentic experience of streaming the live class. However, for purposes of flexibility and convenience, many students prefer to engage with their classes on-demand, whenever and wherever it works best for them.

You might need to experiment with each available option, until you find the option – or combination of options – that works best for you.

Where to Find the Best Online Tai Chi Courses

Prepare to be overwhelmed when you first start searching for topics such as, “can I learn Tai Chi online,” or “best online Tai Chi classes.” You will have to take a moment to sort through the listicles (articles that are written in a list-based format) and ads as well as the pre-recorded, staged lessons.

The best approach might be to look for an established Tai Chi school that offers virtual resources such as on-demand series of classes.

Just Breathe Tai Chi offers both Tai Chi and Qigong courses on demand. Our programs are designed for beginner through advanced students. Wherever you have an internet connection, you can view classes. Classes are compatible with desktop and laptop computers, tablets and other mobile devices, or anywhere else that you can stream online. You control the speed of the experience, with full freedom to pause, rewind and replay.

We even offer a free online Tai Chi class sample, so you can see for yourself how amazing this experience is. Contact us today to learn more, or sign up online now for our online live or online on-demand Tai Chi classes.