Do Tai Chi videos provide the same benefits and results as taking a live class?

Tai Chi provides a wide variety of evidence-based benefits for the mind and body. Those benefits do not vary, whether you’re taking a live class or engaging with a video or on-demand lesson. Even more important, Tai Chi videos allow people to derive these substantive benefits even if they can’t attend a live class.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Experts from Harvard Medical School extol the benefits of Tai Chi, citing a growing body of research. The data demonstrates that Tai Chi should be used in conjunction with standard medical care for both prevention of and rehabilitation from a variety of health issues related to aging. The practice can address chronic conditions and symptoms and can improve both function and quality of life.

The Mayo Clinic touts Tai Chi to improve flexibility and balance as well as for fighting stress. WebMD recommends Tai Chi as exercise for both the mind and body. The practice is easy enough that almost anyone can do it. Both gentle and accessible, Tai Chi can benefit people of all ages and abilities.

Why Use Tai Chi Videos?

Tai Chi videos make this easily accessible practice available even more widely. With ongoing concerns regarding close interaction, especially in an exercise-oriented environment, many people are hesitant to engage in live classes. Others who would like to participate may not be able to drive or get a ride and yet more people have scheduling conflicts that make live classes difficult or impossible.

Whatever your reasons for not engaging in live Tai Chi lessons, video classes provide the ideal alternative.

How to Find the Best Tai Chi Videos

The best on-demand Tai Chi classes and videos for you will depend on your goals and preferences. You can find many different options online, many of which are professionally produced programming designed for video release or online streaming.

You can also find recordings of live classes and, in some cases, the streaming of live classes. Many people prefer this format, as compared to the scripted and studio-produced courses. Watching a class leader (practitioner, teacher, Master, Sifu, Lao Shi) take participants through the movements, interacting with students, provides a greater level of satisfaction for many people.

Just Breathe Tai Chi offers both online live and video on-demand Tai Chi and Qigong classes. Our classes include step-by-step instructions, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our video classes are recordings of live sessions and include student questions, commentary and practitioner responses. You will enjoy new sessions each time you sign in, rather than have to do the same class repeatedly.

We also include additional materials and access to our extensive resource library, to help you get the most from your experience. Contact us today to learn more, or take advantage of the free sample Tai Chi videos we have available.