If you’ve been considering taking a Qigong class, you have likely discovered that online Qigong classes have become more accessible. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we deal with in-person classwork, and online in-person is a new way to learn.

The health benefits of Qigong are significant, including the potential for reduced stress, increased flexibility and balance, improved blood circulation and even disease resistance.

If you aren’t ready or able to attend a live Qigong class, you don’t have to miss out on these amazing potential benefits. You can achieve a similar level of benefit from taking online Qigong lessons.

Live Streaming Qigong Classes

The first option for taking Qigong classes online is via live streaming. These live, online Qigong classes typically use Zoom or another streaming platform. This allows students and masters to come together on a virtual platform. Although it might be a bit different than traditional, in-person classes, the live streaming approach creates a community environment similar to the type you experience in traditional classes and generally allows for personal interaction with instructors.

Online On-Demand Qigong Lessons

Online on-demand Qigong classes provide many of the same benefits as live streaming lessons, while allowing you to learn and participate at your own pace – and on your own schedule.

If you’re considering on-demand classes, look for those that have been recorded from live classes. This lets you see the interactions between students and instructors, and provides a richer, more realistic experience than staged recordings.

Choosing the Best Online Qigong Classes for You

Live streaming classes provide a similar, shared experience that you get by taking an in-person class. But, like live classes, you have to arrange your schedule to accommodate the course. You must arrive on time and devote your full attention for the duration of the class. Classes are progressive so, if you miss a class, you risk missing out on key parts of the instruction, unless the instructor provides the recording.

On-demand classes let you take your lesson at a time that’s convenient for you. You can start and finish on your schedule – and there’s no risk that you’ll miss out on any of the skills being taught. What you won’t have is the real-time sense of community that you find in the live classroom and personal feedback and corrections from instructors.

Ultimately, you must weigh the pros and cons of seeking out live Qigong classes or taking them online – either via live streaming or on-demand. However, having the option for remote practice is great for almost everyone.

If you choose to take online Qigong classes from Just Breathe Tai Chi, you can have the best of both worlds. You can attend live classes via Zoom, and then have access to the recordings on demand, for as long as you’re registered.

Check out our sample online class or contact us today to register for our online Qigong classes.