The ancient Chinese tradition known as Tai Chi is a widely practiced form of exercise, historically based in martial arts. In modern times, Tai Chi is more frequently taught as a non-competitive health and wellness practice involving slow, focused movements that also incorporate deep breathing techniques. Tai Chi classes are available to participants of every level and are considered to be of great benefit in a variety of ways. The students of Just Breathe’s online and video Tai Chi classes often comment on 3 major benefits they’ve noticed since incorporating Tai Chi into their busy lives.

No. 1: Improved Flexibility and Agility

In order to best enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi classes, it must be performed on a regular basis as well as learned properly.

Within the first few weeks of practice, many notice an increase in both flexibility and agility. Of course, a higher regularity and longer term practice will result in increasingly higher rates of flexibility and agility. The gains in flexibility that result from Tai Chi classes differ from other forms of stretching and exercise in that the slow, focused movements begin in the joints (su`ch as the hips) slowly flowing out into the muscle tissue as opposed to movements designed to attain the feeling of elongation of the muscles between the joint, for example, touching your toes as a simple hamstring stretch.

No. 2: Increased Core Strength & Posture Reinforcement

While the implementation of Tai Chi classes is not known for promoting bulky muscle growth, as might be expected of one who partakes in resistance training, it has shown great benefit for the core muscles required for maintaining spine health and good posture.

Poor posture can be the result of easy-to-miss habits such as slouching, sitting with rounded shoulders, and leaning on one leg when standing. Continual repetition of these bad habits causes certain muscles to become overused, while the opposing ones become underused. One of the base requirements of performing Tai Chi correctly is to maintain alignment and balance in your musculature. By performing a wide spectrum of continual poses and movements—while focusing on this alignment—you can train your body into proper postural habits. We call this muscle memory.

No. 3: Decreased Stress

One of the greatest and most often overlooked benefits of any exercise regimen, whether it be running, yoga, calisthenics, or weightlifting, is the reduction of stress and anxiety. The same is known for different meditation and breathing practices. Just Breathe’s Tai Chi classes offer a combination of physical movement, focused breathing techniques, and simultaneous mindful meditation. This combo is known to have a significant calming and de-stressing effect as it is low impact, can be done in a studio, home, or really any environment, and requires no equipment to get started.

Tai Chi classes, such as those offered on the Just Breathe website, are an excellent way to improve your daily physical and mental well-being. While it is one thing to read about or listen to the benefits of taking Tai Chi classes, the absolute best way to experience them is to try for yourself. As always, there is no better time to begin feeling and becoming better than right now.

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