There are numerous forms of exercise that may benefit various age groups or ranges, and Tai Chi is an excellent example. This form of exercise offers several different major benefits depending not just on age, but also on several other possible conditions or pain areas you may deal with.

At Just Breathe Tai Chi, we’re proud to offer virtual Tai Chi classes and several related programs to people of all ages. And while our services are absolutely available to anyone who might need them, here are some of the typical age ranges or related groups that tend to benefit most from Tai Chi.

Tai Chi for Seniors—Balance and Stability

Perhaps the single group for which Tai Chi is most beneficial is seniors, and this is for several reasons. Tai chi has been shown to boost both energy levels and overall fitness, as well as help manage chronic pain and arthritis symptoms.

Seniors who take Tai Chi classes report enjoying a greater sense of balance and stability after taking the lessons for just a few months, which can reduce the risk of injuries from falls by nearly 50 percent. Overall, seniors find that Tai Chi helps them to better manage their bodies and minds as they age, making it an invaluable form of exercise.

Older Adults—Overcoming Pain

Even if you haven’t technically reached senior age yet, but are on the older side and have begun to experience forms of chronic pain or lower energy levels, Tai Chi can be a great way to combat those. Many older adults find that Tai Chi helps them to feel more flexible and agile, and that it boosts their moods as well. Additionally, Tai Chi has been shown to help improve sleep quality in older adults, something that’s crucial for overall health.

We also see great benefit for older adults and seniors who seek Tai Chi for Parkinson’s. Tai Chi classes are also highly recommended to reduce high blood pressure and for fall prevention. Tai Chi is also credited with helping to prevent health conditions as we age as well as contribute to healing.

Healthy Adults—Including Those With Certain Conditions

Once again, we want to remind you that even if you don’t fall under any of these categories, and you’re a perfectly healthy adult just looking for ways to improve your exercise and overall health or reduce stress, Tai Chi is for you. Do not hesitate to sign up just because you’re not part of one of these groups.

That said, adults who tend to gravitate most to Tai Chi are often those who have specific conditions, including everything from asthma and respiratory problems to musculoskeletal issues like fibromyalgia, joint pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition to improving your health overall, Tai Chi can help alleviate some of the symptoms related to those conditions.

So if you’re looking for an excellent form of exercise that can benefit you in a myriad of ways, Tai Chi is a great choice. Not to mention that Tai Chi is great fun and there is no special equipment or attire necessary!

Reach out to one of our teachers at Just Breathe Tai Chi if you have specific questions about which program is best for you—online on-demand Tai Chi classes or weekly live Tai Chi classes.

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