Whether due to pandemic precautions, personal limitations or any other reason, you may not be able to take certain classes like tai chi in an in-person setting. However, there are several options for digital and video tai chi classes, and these can be enormously beneficial for many people.

At Just Breathe Tai Chi, we’re proud to offer a wide range of virtual and online tai chi classes, including both live and on-demand tai chi video classes. For those who get some or even most of their regular exercise from tai chi or related pursuits like qigong, can tai chi video classes serve as quality exercise formats? Absolutely — and here are several reasons why.

Promoting Muscle Strength

You can get all the same guidance and direction for a given tai chi session in a video class as with a live one, and you’ll get the same benefits from following along. Both types of classes promote strength, flexibility and balance through the repeated performance of specific sequences of movements.

In addition, research shows that guided imagery can prompt your body to release beneficial hormones for enhanced recovery from workouts — so you’ll get a double benefit from the video format.

Alleviating Pain

Another major and well-known benefit of tai chi is its ability to help people suffering from a variety of chronic pain issues. Tai chi video classes can absolutely help here as well, even though you’re not in an actual class environment.

When performing tai chi, you’ll often need to concentrate deeply on both your movements and your breathing, two key components of tai chi. Doing so can help you better tune out distractions that may be causing pain, improving your focus on the positive aspects of tai chi.

Improving Flexibility, Balance and Agility

Many people exercise to help increase their flexibility, balance and agility. If you fall into this category, tai chi video classes provide a great opportunity to help improve those skills as well as your cardiovascular endurance.

In addition to the impressive benefits you’ll get from greater strength and stamina as a result of following along with a tai chi video course, you’ll also be able to learn how to improve your ability to move, balance and coordinate your movements for maximum effectiveness.

Decreasing Stress or Anxiety

Another major reason people exercise: To limit their stress and anxiety. While tai chi has long been considered a stress reliever, tai chi video classes can help here as well.

As stated earlier, tai chi is all about focusing on your movement patterns, breathing patterns and also your mental state — even more so when you’re watching a virtual class rather than participating in an actual one.

For more on why video tai chi classes can absolutely serve as strong forms of exercise to keep up with your daily activity needs, or to learn about any of our tai chi or qigong classes, speak to the staff at Just Breathe Tai Chi today.