While there are many people who can benefit from the ancient practice of Tai Chi, some percentage of these people are not able or willing to attend in-person Tai Chi classes for various reasons. Luckily, there’s a robust alternative for all in this position: Virtual Tai Chi classes, which when taken from high-quality teachers will lead to all the same benefits as in-person classes, from the comfort of your home.

How do virtual Tai Chi programs work? Here’s a basic primer.

All the Same Movements

There are different movements, or “forms,” involved in Tai Chi—and virtual classes allow for 100% of the same movements that are taught in live instructor-led programs. We provide you with detailed, interactive video so that you can see what’s being demonstrated by the teacher, and then follow along closely as he or she works through the movements.

No Traffic, No Travel, No Driving

Learn from the comfort of your own home, or while you are on travel. Take that one hour break for yourself, you don’t have to add travel time to your plans.  All you need is an internet connection and suitable space with enough room to move around as needed!

No Special Equipment or Gear

If you are going to wear shoes, we recommend wearing comfortable, flexible shoes without a heel and with very little grip. This could be something as simple as a pair of casual sneakers. Adaptations can even be made if you need to practice seated. Some people may choose to purchase certain other Tai Chi equipment, such as a Tai Chi sword or a Tai Chi fan. This is optional unless you these are needed for specific classes.

Benefits of At-Home Tai Chi

As you may have guessed, it’s possible to achieve all the same benefits from virtual Tai Chi classes as with in-person learning. Here are some of the top ways people tend to benefit from this practice:

  • Improved mood: One of the biggest benefits is the fact that Tai Chi has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, which everyone can benefit from.
  • Increased physical fitness: Tai Chi works different muscles in your body than most other forms of exercise, which means you get a great workout without wearing yourself out.
  • Improved balance: By learning to master gravity while also maintaining fluidity and flexibility, Tai Chi can strengthen your leg muscles while improving your sense of balance.
  • Boosted cognitive functions: Tai Chi has also been shown to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s, with studies showing it can boost cognitive function.
  • Builds self-confidence: This ancient art requires discipline and patience, which helps build your self-confidence in many areas of your life.

At Just Breathe Tai Chi, we’re happy to offer the very best virtual Tai Chi classes available, from live classes on Zoom to on-demand classes available via video at your convenience. All our weekly classes are live and interactive, giving you the ability to get personalized feedback from our expert instructors. We even offer supplemental one-on-one training for those who require it.

For more on how virtual Tai Chi classes work, or to learn about any of our online Tai Chi or Qigong classes, contact Just Breathe Tai Chi today.