On-Demand Tai Chi Classes — Better With Friends!

Online On-Demand Video Tai Chi and Qigong Classes Student on Laptop

All too often, eager practitioners sign up for an online on-demand Tai Chi or Qigong course, get partway through, then drop out because they are not able to maintain the discipline to make time for classes and practice. Enrolling in classes with a friend is a great way to ensure that your new practice will be successful.

Tai Chi and Qigong are two of the most beneficial activities you can do to improve your health, strength, stamina, balance, and mental focus. The challenges of starting these practices are often some of the same reasons we seek to start the practice in the first place. For example, focus, making time for ourselves, and self-discipline.

New Online Tai Chi Options

Taking Tai Chi and Qigong classes with a quality instructor is generally the quickest route to developing a beneficial practice. You get the discipline of showing up to class on a set schedule and the support of your fellow students. Traditionally, you would need to commit to a live in-person class. During the Covid pandemic, however, a number of online Tai Chi and Qigong class options became available. We saw online live-streaming group classes and on-demand video class offerings appear.

Online, On-Demand Tai Chi Video Classes

Online, on-demand video classes solve a number of live weekly class challenges—both in-person and live online classes using a tool such as Zoom.

On-demand Tai Chi courses solve the top 5 In-person class challenges.

  1. Finding a Tai Chi class to fit your schedule
  2. Finding a quality local Tai Chi teacher
  3. Needing to be at home to take care of loved ones
  4. Driving in traffic or at night
  5. Feeling intimidated in a group setting

On-demand Tai Chi courses solve the top 5 live online class challenges.

  1. Finding a Tai Chi class to fit your schedule or time zone
  2. Having the proper technology
  3. Having the ability to use tools like Zoom and tech hardware
  4. Having the internet bandwidth to live-stream classes
  5. Feeling comfortable with an online group class experience

Online, On-Demand Class Challenges

Most often the biggest challenge with this type of class is developing discipline. On-demand video Tai Chi and Qigong courses are generally a subscription model and allow you to study and practice anytime, anywhere, any place. You just need an Internet connection and a device for viewing.

However, you need to commit to taking the time to go through each class the same way you would if it were in person. This means no distractions, no answering the phone, no letting the dog out, and turning off email and social media (gasp!). It’s hard to make the time for yourself and block out the world when nobody is watching.

You also don’t have the advantage of your teacher being able to see you and help make adjustments to your form and posture. You really have to rely on yourself and develop discipline. And whether you are just a beginning or a continuing practitioner, discipline is just plain hard!

Online, On-Demand With a Friend

One of the best suggestions I’ve heard from students is to plan to take online on-demand Tai Chi and Qigong lessons together with a friend or family member. You get the benefit of having an accountability partner and having an hour of fun together from across the miles.

If taking a class on the same day and time as your Tai Chi “buddy” is not desirable, then take them independently, when you can, and schedule a call or video chat together to discuss the class and what you are discovering in your practice. With a video call, you can both help point out each other’s successes and posture challenges. You can also hold each other accountable to complete one lesson every week.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Tai Chi?

One hour a week—that’s the advised minimum you need to set aside for yourself to develop a rewarding Tai Chi or Qigong practice.

The more you find time to practice the lesson during the course of the following week, the more rapidly your skills and benefits will come. But again, you have to have discipline, and a practice buddy is a great way to overcome this challenge.

Comparing Online On-Demand Tai Chi Classes

Not all online on-demand Tai Chi and Qigong programs are created equal. Instructional styles can vary tremendously, and the experience can be quite different. Find one that you and your buddy resonate with.

Some online on-demand Tai Chi and Qigong classes also have an online community you can tap into. You can communicate with other students in the community and find an accountability partner. This is a great way to enhance your practice.

Just Breathe Tai Chi has created a successful online on-demand program for Tai Chi and Qigong.

Our classes are taught step-by-step, repeating the instructions and the movements which have proven to help students achieve benefits more quickly. We have also developed an online community so that students may interact with each other.

Our on-demand lessons are a monthly subscription and each lesson feels like you’re taking a live online class. These are not sterile video recordings of instructions. They are recordings of actual live online Tai Chi and Qigong classes. You’ll hear questions from other students and be able to see the results of the feedback.

So grab a friend or relative and not only develop a rewarding practice, but enhance your relationship. Or, make a new friend in the community and share your Tai Chi or Qigong journey. This will help you develop discipline and accountability for your weekly practice and start seeing results sooner.

10 Biggest Tai Chi Online Health Benefits

  1. Improves immune system, lymphatic system, and overall health
  2. Improves balance and proprioception
  3. Reduces stress, anxiety, blood pressure, and cholesterol
  4. Calms and focused the mind
  5. Prevents and reverses health conditions related to aging
  6. Enhances sleep
  7. Reduces back and neck pain
  8. Increases flexibility, stamina, and strength
  9. Builds a sense of community and social interaction
  10. And, wait for it, can help you lose and maintain weight