2024 World Tai Chi and Qigong Day | Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, Vienna, VA  | Fairfax County

FREE Tai Chi classes, Qigong classes, Yoga, and Healing Garden*

Be part of our outdoor, family-friendly, global event, hosted in Vienna, VA by Peaceable Dragon. Watch, participate, experience, celebrate. Come for WTCQD, then stay and enjoy the beautiful botanical gardens and take advantage of Meadowlark’s Azalea Plant Sale!

What: Demonstrations, mini-classes, build community: Tai Chi classes, Qigong classes, Yoga, and Healing Garden
Where: Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, Vienna, VA (Find us at the Korean Bell Garden within the Park): See Map
When: Saturday, April 27th, 2024 10am–12:00pm
Cost: *$4 gardens entrance fee (Say you are attending WTCQD to get this discount). All demonstrations and classes are free once inside.
Rain?: Check the Peaceable Dragon website the morning of the event for updates.

Note: Doors open at 9:30 am. The fun starts at 10 am. Allow plenty of time to park, enter, and walk to the Bell Garden.


  • Watch demonstrations of various forms of internal arts including Tai Chi, Qigong (Chi Kung), Yoga, and others.
  • Participate in mini-classes taught by some of the area’s leading instructors from a variety of schools and disciplines.
  • Visit our “Healing Garden” and explore other types of healing therapies.
  • Watch, or participate in our drum circle—bring your own drum!
  • Come and join the fun!
Qigong Classes Online and in-person

What is WTCQD

On the last Saturday of April each year at 10 am local time, tens of thousands, in 100s of cities, spanning 80 nations, join together to celebrate World Tai Chi & Qigong Day. The events begin in the earliest time zones of New Zealand, then unfold across the world as the planet turns—Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, and finally ending this global wave of Qi and celebration with events in Hawaii. Want to learn more? Visit the official WTCQD website.

Tai Chi Classes Online and in-person

Is WTCQD a Recognized Event?

WTCQD has been officially proclaimed, recognized, or supported by 22 US Governors; Senates of Puerto Rico, California, New York; the Brazilian National Congress; by consulates and embassies from Italy to the U.S., China to India, and by government ministries and bodies in countries worldwide. Events have been held at some remarkable locations such as the United Nations Building and the Nobel Peace Center.

Tai Chi and Qigong Classes Online and in-person

Why Should I attend WTCQD?

Whether you are an advanced practitioner or a beginner just seeking out interesting healthful activities, 10 am is a great time to go outdoors and practice Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and other healing arts, no matter where you are or how experienced you are. If you have the opportunity, I encourage you to join classes or participate in exhibitions or celebrations. Join our drum circle and just watch, or bring your own drum and play along. You will be glad that you did!

The end of April is absolutely beautiful at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. You’ll get to enjoy a wonderful celebration and tour the gardens at a special reduced fee.

How Do I Practice What I Learn?

When you come home to practice what you learned, you can always join in-person Tai Chi classes, online Tai Chi classes, or utilize online Qigong and Tai Chi video lessons on demand. Just Breathe offers online live Tai Chi and Qigong classes, as well as recorded live Tai Chi and Qigong classes viewable on-demand. We have an ongoing Monday evening in-person Tai Chi class in Burke Virginia. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news and announcements.

What is Peaceable Dragon?

Peaceable Dragon is a consortium of instructors and students of the internal arts who seek to further develop and enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual condition. It is a collaboration of expertise in a variety of styles of Qigong, Taijiquan, Yoga, Meditation and other Internal Arts. Participants focus on the awareness of a loving universal power within and the cultivation of that energy for the invigoration of individual and community health.

Teacher Kris Brinker is a member of the Peaceable Dragon Instructors Association and Lead Peaceable Dragon Tai Chi Instructor. Learn more about Peaceable Dragon and classes.