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Tai Chi for Health online on-demand video classes

Tai Chi for Health—Online On-Demand

Learn With Step-By-Step Video Instruction and Supportive Resources

Online On-Demand Tai Chi—access your on-demand class from virtually anywhere you have internet connection.

Learn to de-stress, wind down, relax, become more flexible. Also, increase your strength and balance! Discover the health benefits and relaxation offered by the ancient art of Tai Chi

These are recordings of a weekly live multi-week class session—packaged in a format that will allow you to learn Tai Chi without needing to join a live class. You won’t need to download any software, have a webcam, or figure out any complicated technology. Start learning on your own schedule, in total privacy, and at your own pace. The course is supplemented with a complementary resource library full of helpful information.


Class Details

  • Day(s): Any day
  • Date(s): As many days as you want
  • Time(s): Any time
  • Location: Virtually anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Fees: $39 per month
  • Description: Tai Chi Yang Style – Cheng Man Ching 37 Variation, Section One

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  1. On the pre-checkout page, click your subscription choice to register.
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  3. Enter your payment information and click Purchase
  4. Start learning!

Payment Options

Visa, MasterCard or Amex. 100% secure checkout powered by Stripe.

Teaching Style

Tai Chi Classes are taught with an emphasis on relaxation and increasing balance and flexibility. You will hear student interactions, questions, and commentary. You will feel like you are really a part of a live group class!

Modifications are discussed for physical considerations. The goal is to relax, have fun, and increase and maintain health. We do this by using breathing and the gentle movements of the form.

Online On-Demand Video Tai Chi Classes taught step-by-step. Tai Chi is known to Increase balance, relieve stress and anxiety, boost your immune system, prevent and reverse health conditions related to aging! A great practice for fall prevention, arthritis, and Parkinson’s.


How Do I Pay?

Visa, MasterCard or Amex. 100% secure checkout powered by Stripe.

Do I also get access to the weekly online live class?

The weekly online live class requires separate registration and payment.

You may certainly register for both simultaneously.

Online live and in-person live session students receive a 60% discount on online on-demand classes.

Is there a sample video of a real class?

Yes! You can watch a 5-minute compilation video from an online class.

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Benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong OnDemand Courses

Beginners and continuing students will enjoy learning, practicing, and refining their Tai Chi and Qigong form from virtually anywhere there is an internet connection.


  • Simple login, no complicated software or equipment needed
  • Compatible with computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn whenever and wherever is right for you
  • Unlimited viewing of class lessons
  • Stop, start, replay, and speed controls
  • Discussion forum to connect with other students, ask questions, and share experiences
  • Monthly and annual subscription options
  • Help build the Just Breathe Global Community

Tai Chi is Highly Recommended

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) has been widely recommended by places like the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School to prevent and reverse health conditions related to aging! A great practice for fall prevention, arthritis, and Parkinson’s. Also for high blood pressure, poor sleep, back and neck pain, and chronic stress. All experience levels welcome.

"Conventional medical science on the Chinese art of Taijiquan now shows what Tai Chi masters have known for centuries: regular practice leads to more vigor and flexibility, better balance and mobility, and a sense of well-being. Cutting-edge research from Harvard Medical School also supports the long-standing claims that Tai Chi also has a beneficial impact on the health of the heart, bones, nerves and muscles, immune system, and the mind." The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi: 12 Weeks to a Healthy Body, Strong Heart, and Sharp Mind (Harvard Health Publications). Tai Chi for Arthritis is also recommended by the Arthritis Foundation. Read the full article

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